Fullstop Packages

Your Complete Digital Solution


This package will make any business look established and reputable. Included is a full website or website facelift where our team aligns your site with your business.

  • Website design & wireframing (up to 5 pg.)
  • Web development
  • Server set-up
  • Long form copy-writing (up to 5 pg.)
  • Team Headshots
  • Color & font guide for web
  • Business brief
  • Brand research
  • SEO research

Establish your brand and build a website with easy navigation and a clear message for your company’s brand strategy. Need more content? Inquire about additional pages or content management packages.



This is our most popular package and includes everything you need for a professional website that will start working for you.

  • Includes Fullstop Basic Package
  • Website design & wireframing (up to 10 pg.)
  • Long form copy-writing (up to 10 pg.)
  • 6 thoroughly researched blog posts
  • Custom on-site video
  • On-location photos
  • UX testing
  • Business write-up summary (your story)
  • SEO & content strategy report

Take your brand to the next level by adding high quality video, more custom content, user testing, and a carefully crafted brand story. Need your site to support an online store? Inquire about our e-commerce setup services.



This is our advanced package that will have your brand looking like you are an authority figure in your respective field.

  • Includes Fullstop Standard Package
  • Includes Fullstop Basic Package
  • Additional custom web designs & wireframes
  • Additional on-site video
  • Advanced UX testing
  • Full brand guide
  • Social media branding
  • Social media account set-up
  • Long form copy-writing (up to 10 pg.)
  • 6 additional researched blog posts

The FullStop package is recommended to those who want every element of a carefully crafted brand identity complete with custom designs, 15- and 30-second digital ads, and one additional custom header or about video.


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